Garbage Collection Vehicle

Garbage Collection Vehicle

They are solutions developed in accordance with the needs of modern urbanism. The main goal of production is to increase the amount of garbage carried per circle, to reduce the collection period and to provide flexibility to its operators.


The PMS 200 series is designed to provide easier service on narrow roads with relatively smaller vehicles. The vehicles must have a power take-off (PTO) system. For this series; 4x2 or 4x4 type vehicles with the suitable wheelbase and a gross transport weight of 7 to 12 tons can undergo the procedure.

Waste loading capacity and compression ratio may vary depending on the type of the waste and the technical specifications of the vehicle.


Hydromechanical control

Emergency stop button in case of an emergency (Button control)

Non-slip worker footplate

Safety rail for the footplate

Rear cover safety rest

Lamp for night-time operation

Rotary type signal light

Oven-drying applied

Binlifter in accordance with the EN 840 standards

(Suitable for lifting 120, 240, 360, 400, 440, 660, 770, 800, 1100 lt plastic and metal containers)

Capacity 5 m³ - 10 m³
Compression Ratio 1:4 - 1:7
Loading Height 1000 mm - 1400 mm
Tailgate Volume 1 m³
Operating Voltage 12/24 V

Button control (Automatic Compression Cycle)

Production in accordance with EN 1501-1 standards

Rearview camera, in-cab monitor

Underbody wastewater tank

Speed fixation when the operator is at the foot-plate