Principal & Partners

Pisirgen Makina

Pişirgen machinery is a company based in Mersin’s Silifke county with 35 years of history. With its modern machines and 105 experienced personnel, it continues its services for both domestic and foreign vehicles mounted equipment sectors at its technologically competent, fully equipped 20 thousands m2 of outdoor and 7.000 m2 of indoor space.


Karba Automotive

Karba, Truck Mounted Equipment Manufacturer. Manufacturing in truck mounted equipment business, our company exports to 40 countries with its 150 professional personnel. We are capable to manufacture 800-1000 equipment annualy in our factory having 36.000 sqm manufacturing.


Özcihan Makina

Özcihan Makina was established in 1995 provides service to the superstructure sector with its advanced production system, quality products and service, PTOs (Power Take-Off), intermediate transmissions, hydraulic pumps and many other products that are known in the domestic and foreign markets.


Aselkon Crane

Aselkon Hydraulic started its work in the sector in 2006 for the sake of helping the country and the Konya industry. It put it signature on many products with experienced technical personnel. In the future it aims to increase this number with the staff without comprimising quality.


Özde Hidrolik

Özde Hydraulics was established in Ankara in 2008 to serve the hydraulic industry. Our company in Turkey recently began selling construction tipper truck used in the construction of the pump damper considering the need for trucks.