Yayasan Kaplan

Vision and Mission

  • To establish a bridge between the social corporate and the communities in needs.
  • Providing shelters to the communities in term of basic infrastructures.
  • Provide special facilities for the ‘Special Ability People’ and their basic needs.
  • Provide a financial fund for the poverty to treat chronic sickness.
  • To cater the welfare of underprivileged students, in form of scholarships and financial fund.
  • Provide a financial aid and operational approach for building mosque and ‘Maahad Tahfiz’ institution.
  • Play a role in helping the communities affected by natural disasters.
  • To advocate religious activities for the Muslims such as aiding ASNAF.
  • To offer micro capital assistances to the development of startup Bumiputra entrepreneurs and SMEs.
  • To support and supplement efforts in the welfare and development of the society, and to introduce solutions to combat social affairs.